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Westerwald's Products:

Our famous pottery is wheel-thrown, brush decorated, and imprinted.  Because every piece is handmade, no two products are exactly alike.  Your pieces may also vary from those shown.  Not all pieces can be personalized and all are not available for wholesale. Twelve separate hands-on processes are necessary for each individual pieces completion.  Each product is wheel-thrown, brush decorated, and kiln fired at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our glazes are lead-free, microwave, and dishwasher safe.  All pieces are stamped with a potter's mark, signed and dated. All of our pottery is gray, the decoration, personalization, and banding can be done in one of two colors (cobalt blue and hunter green). After choosing your pottery, please see How To Order.


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Items #1 through Item #25A...

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Items #26 through Item #53...

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Lamps, candle holders, and pieces not pictured in our paper catalog...

Decal pieces

Some samples of decal pieces Westerwald has done in the past...

New Products

Take a look at what Westerwald has added to its product line...


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